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Communication is key to having an artist create the work of art you desire. After you contact us for commissioning a works of art, we will ask questions to gather as much information about your vision for the work of art as we can. With this information, we will create one sketch and a proposal which includes the cost of the work of art and the time frame for its completion.

This sketch/proposal is then provided either in person or via email to you for your consideration. If after reviewing this sketch, you feel we didn’t quite capture your vision for the work of art, you may request a revision of the sketch by telling us what you do and don’t like about the sketch. We will then create and present a second sketch based on the new information gathered from the initial sketch review. We provide up to two initial sketches per project free of charge. Additional revised sketches are provided for $50.00 each.

Once you have approved the initial sketch, know the total cost for the project, and the time frame for its completion, you may decide to either go ahead with the project or cancel the project with no additional cost to you. If you want to proceed with the project, a deposit is required to put the project on our schedule. The amount of the deposit varies from project to project based on several factors. The terms for smaller projects are typically 50% deposit due to put the project on our schedule with the balance due upon completion and your satisfaction. For some of our larger projects, our client’s are offered 1/3 of the total as a deposit, 1/3 due when project is approximately 50% complete and the final third due upon completion and their satisfaction. Some clients find monthly payments work best for their budget so we work with each client on a payment plan that meets their individual needs.


Occasionally, we find as the project progresses, it may not be possible to recreate the project exactly as depicted in the design sketch. In these rare cases, we contact our clients to make them aware of the issue(s). We are bound to use our best aesthetic judgment to create the project according to the style and intent of the design but we are free to make design modifications as the project progresses.

When we are getting close to completion, we will send you a photo of the work. This is a good time to make any corrections you feel needed to achieve your vision for the work of art. Once we have completed the work we send another high resolution photo of the work for your review. When you are 100% satisfied, and your last payment is received, we will deliver the work of art to you to hand on your wall and enjoy forever.

Terms & Conditions for Commissioning a Work of Art

Commission Process & Payment