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People are curious about artists and the art they create. They want to know what makes them tick. Why do they do what they do? What is the meaning behind their work?

Artists are encouraged to write an “Artist’s Statement” which is supposed to help people understand the artist and their work. For me, I believe I was created to create art. Created to Create is my “Artist’s Statement” summed up in just two works. But for those who really want to understand why I believe artists create, I will expound . . .

“In the Beginning, God created . . .” Many of you will recognize these words as the opening statement of the Bible. They describe God as a creative God. Then after reading a bit further, you will read how God created humans “in his own image.” These two statements, put together demonstrates why people create. Not just works of art, but literature, stories, crafts, songs, architecture, gourmet dishes, vehicles, interior spaces, and the list goes on and on.

We were created to create and it is within all of us the need to determine exactly what we were created to create, and then do it. I started my creative journey when I was about 9 years old, and even though life sometimes gets in the way, I have never stopped feeling this need to create. And not just create but to push myself to become better and better at my craft. This is what makes creating things so exciting. No matter how good we get, we will never reach perfection. At least not in this life time.

Have you ever considered what you were created to create? I feel bad for those who do not believe in a Creator. I simply do not understand how anyone cannot. To not believe in a Creator, is to not understand life. Being in tune with the Creator gives us meaning, purpose and life itself.

I encourage you to consider the Creator and what it is that you were created to create and reply to this post below. I welcome all comments, whether we agree or not.