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An Artist’s Statement

It’s all about the foundation. A foundation is something which hold something else up. Just as a home is built upon a foundation, each of us build our lives upon some kind of foundation of belief. We all believe in something, a guiding principle, in which we base our lives on, givingĀ  us purpose for living our lives and meaning for what we do.

The foundation I stand on is the principle of creation, everything around us has been created. The very first words in the bible state “In the beginning, God CREATED . . .” Then a few paragraphs later it says, “And God created mankind in his own image.”

The first thing we learn about God is that he is a creative God. Then we learn that mankind was created in God’s image. This does not mean that we are little gods, but rather this simply means that as we have been created in God’s image, we naturally create.

As artists, we are told to write an “Artist’s Statement”. This statement is to define who we are and the reason we create. So, let this be my “Artist’s Statement”. “Created to Create.”